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Friday, June 29th, 2007
7:12 am - Something I've come to dislike about London
I'm not sure if its just that I've had a bad run at this or its something that is particular about here. But everytime I've gone to a resturant here, the staff are rude and unfriendly and generally give off an attitude of "I don't really want to be here".

I can understand them not really wanting to be there, I guess they don't get paid very much but still if your livilyhood is dependent of you getting more tips to survive through the day, maybe being a little bit nicer or more friendly towards your customers might help you in that.

I've had waiters throw plates on the tables, interrupt rudly into ppl's conversations, push plates through the table inbetween ppl when there is clearly a gap at the end of the table, rudly being told you can set anywhere in the resturant and told you can't set where you've sat down at, plates keep being mixed up. I haven't actually had 1 good service experience since I've come here.

We went to Wagamama's yesterday and the girl who was bringing our meal literally just ploked the plates on the edge of the table and ran off. I understand tipping is something that ppl normally do here, but I'm not prepared to tip if there is service like that.

On a lighter note we went to a Nandos here yesterday, man they are delicious as always. Good to see they can still keep it up. And I was very happy to see that they have perinaise (?spelling) sauce here too. Sooo delicious.

And we found a Krispy Kreme too! Finally!!! Soooooo delicious!!!!!!!!!!

However there are some weird things about Nandos. The burgers here are really really small. The would probably be about half the size of the ones back home. I was a bit disappointed. :( Maybe the chickens they have here are a bit smaller.

Another thing thats weird is that the maccas here don't have chocolate sauce for their sundaes. They only have strawberries and toffee, ugh who has toffee anyways. So yeah I'm really really craving for a chocolate sundae from maccas now. :( But atleast they have hash browns here. :D

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Thursday, June 28th, 2007
6:14 am - British Museum
We went to the British Museum yesterday. It was really really huge! There are near 100 exhibition rooms and we spent 5 hours or so there and we only covered maybe 4 rooms :S.

We got to see the Rosetta Stone, which was sooo covered with tourists that we couldn't even take a photo. We also saw the Enlightenment room, which had all these collections if items all over the world that was procured during the 1700-1800.

There were some pretty cool things there, like there was all these things from Australia where Captain Cook had "procured" these aboriginal clubs, spears and boomerrangs and then branded it with he's name on them.

The whole room was packed with stuff. It wasn't like any sort of museum I've ever seen. Usually you'll go in a room with a few things and white walls everywhere. But this room was filled walls to walls with shelves, all stretched from the ceiling to the floor. And each shelf would be filled with either ancient books or antiquties or some ancient items. It was FACINATING!

We then went to the egyptain scalpture room. There was soo many things in there. Like the statue heads in my photos on flickr and a lot of walls of hieroglyphs that were obviously part of some structure and they had just lifted it off the walls and taken it home.

It just amazes me how they felt it was right to do that at the time. To take pieces of someone culture to home and mount it on their mantel piece. What arrogrance! I mean a coffin or 2, fine thats ok I think. But a whole wall! or even enormous columns! WTF!!! No wonder ppl hated the British back then.

But anyhows, the place is definatly amazing. I think I'll be going back there to spend a lot more time there and taking a lot more photos. Luckily the place is free. Unfortunatly I don't think I'll be able to get a chance to go back there until the weekends after I start my job. Hence it will be over crowded with ppl and kids! But oh wells.

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Monday, June 25th, 2007
6:47 am - Chinatown!!
Yesterday we met up with Katy and she showed us around chinatown. Its really nice having Katy here in London with me shes really great. And its really good too to see Angel and Katy being able to get along as well, even though they were ganging up against me >.< .

So we had some lunch over at a japanese resturant there, probably an equivent to Kadoya, definatly no top noodle though. They didn't even have taroyaki :(. I introduced the deliciousness of a japanese curry to Angel and he definatly approves :D.

After that we found some asian grocery stores where Angel was very please and happy that they had koala biscuits (We brought a large box to take home :D). I also picked up some moon cakes and pinapple buns, I was going to get some egg tarts too but I think because we went there pretty late in the day they were kinda not so fresh anymore. Angel really liked those too, he's wanting to go back there today to get some more :p.

We did a little bit of shopping in and around the place. Katy took us around Picadilly and then to Trafalgar square and then through the theater district. Theres sooo many musicals on here its crazy. I think there must be atleast 20-30 musicals currently running. We're thinking on seeing Phantom of the Opera or the Lion King. There's Lord of the Rings on atm as well, but Angel doesn't really want to see it cos on the posters the actors have this stupid looking mark on the middle of the forehead and he knows its going to bother him. Fair enough, I guess it would bother me too.

But it was a really good day, really nice to catch up with Katy its been actually not that long since Katy had moved over here, last September. But it seems like she's been here forever. Honestly I don't think I would want to go back living in Australia, I think I really would like it here.

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Sunday, June 24th, 2007
4:50 am - House Hunting
Went house hunting yesterday, we went to Barking to have a look at this really new 1 bedroom apartment. It was actually really really nice. The whole place is fully furnished and its completely new. And unlike the other places around London its acutally has room to move about, the bathroom isn't just a cupboard.

The area there is not too bad as well, quite nice. Reminds me of Tsung Wan in Hong Kong where I used to live. Its not a very upmarket or posh area, a lot of immigrants by the looks of it, but it was nice, the shops there are very cheaply priced and there's a market on on the weekends, so lots of bargins to be had. And the place looks civil enough not to live in fear of getting stabbed in the back. Theres a nice park across the road, and a library underneath the apartments.

The only down side to this is that Barking is kinda far away from the centre of London, to get to say Oxford Circus, it would probably take around 30 mins or so by the tube. And for me to get to work it would probably be around 45 mins or so. I'm not sure about peak hour yet :S. I haven't hit it. But I guess I'll find out all about it when I start work in 2 weeks.

So I'm going to make an application for the place, and by the sounds of it they will be happy to accept the application. The only thing is we'll have to front up like 2000 pounds as a deposit and the first month's worth of rent. So... ouch....

But then atleast we'll have a place to stay and a permanment address.

After that we had caught up with Kim and Lewkus who were in town for their honeymoon :D. We had dinner with them and Priya as well at a place at Oxford Circus. The waiters there were pretty rude, I didn't like being rushed with the orders and them quite pushy towards us with their attitude.

I felt really bad for Angel cos we were there for about 3 hours and he was finding it really hard to follow the conversation. a. we were talking about people he's never met, and b. he was getting lost in the conversation because we were talking too fast. So he kinda sat there quietly for about 3 hours. I feel like I'm dragging him around. In a sense I guess I am, but I guess it will happen to me anyways when he's friends comes to visit and they all start speaking in spanish.

But it was really nice to catch up with Kim and Lewkus or Mr. and Mrs. Chandler :p. They were really great, cos I've haven't had the chance to really catch up with them for a long time. And last time i saw them it was at their wedding so we've haven't had a good chat like that for a while.

I really hope they do work out they are a lovely couple and I'm happy for them to have found each other :D

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Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
5:10 am - My flickr account

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4:25 am - I gots a job!!!!!!
Man I think I've finally conquered the tube. Confusing as it is, its actually one of the best ways to get around London, not too much hassles. Its just kinda like Honkers so I guess I'll get used to it as time goes by.

Went to 2 interviews today. One was for an online newspaper called First Post another was for the online department of the Financial Times. I really really liked the First Post position. It was for a Design Team Leader position. They have only really a small team of developers, but the IT manager there is really quite good. He's really worth while that he's happy to listen to people with ideas and he's got ideas to take the company further and he really wants me to be a part of the team. The job would not just be developing and designing. I would also involve project management and maybe some market research. Which is something I am really really interested in doing. I miss project managing so much.

Whereas the Financial Times guys where really really not that great. When I spoke with them on the phone the guy Frank that I spoke with sounded pretty good. He was saying that he is actually working with the W3C crew to develop the next HTML 5 code. So I was really excited to see what they have to offer and what possibly I could learn from this guy. When I got there to the interview the position that they offered me was really a junior web designer position. The main duties would be redesigning their smaller publication websites and the creating the templates for them. They are using all 3rd party CMS and module systems on their website. It is sooo weird.

He was explaining to me how the website works, the CMS itself is runned on xml and is created and handled by guys in Italy. The member management system is created and handled in Canada, the site search functionality is created and managed in the US. They don't actually have proper control over any of these systems. When they've built a web template for a site, they have to send it to Italy for the guys to upload it. And they chuck in all this random code in there too. I really don't understand why they would do that. And this seems like its actually common practice with a lot of the other companies here.

Its just very very strange for me that companies here don't offer a complete packaged custom solution for individual needs. That companies have to go offshore to get third party systems and chuck them together like that.

Well anyways I accepted the First Post offer. I have 2 more interviews next week, but I don't think I want them. The ones for next week are with Sony music, which will be from the sounds of it pretty much a junior designer role, where I'm making mostly flash banners and e-newsletters. The other one is with some kind of investment company and their umbrella company, which I would image would be a redesign and a reworking of their individual websites. Both these positions are only 7 month contracts and definatly the First Post position is absolutly much more better than any of these.

So the First Post guys hasn't come back to me with a formal offering, but we've already spoke about it. Most likely it will take them a few weeks to get the formal offering all ready and signed off by the big guys. So for now I'll just be working on a free lance basis for them.

So I'm really really happy now that I got a job here, I think the position would be really great for me and I can grow with it a lot more as well. I have to go house hunting today.

Angel and I are going to see a house in Barking. A bit far out of the way of the city (its in Zone 4 so roughly 30 mins or so to get into work). But its a good price, everything is included (even linens and cutlery) and its all brand new. We both really like it from the photos we've seen. So we're gonna go there today and check out the place and if theirs no problems with it we'll probably take it. And hopfully they'll let us :S Cos I'm still in the process of getting my bank account, it takes about 2 or so working days to open an account and then another 7 for them to get back to me >.>. But I have work now so I can get myself all settled and started on everything which is great.

We ended up doing some sight seeing as well yesterday. We saw the Shakespear Globe Theatre, St Paul's Catherial, the Millenimum Bridge, the London Bridge. And then we met up with Priya for dinner.

We got a bit lost trying to go to Covent Gardens. It was pretty funny :D Priya and I were just holding this map going "We should go this way", "No we should go that way". In the end Angel stepped in and just said "No no we should go that way" and pointed us in the right direction.

Covent Gardens was really nice. Its like a little square of cafes and shops in an alfresco area. Priya showed us this shop called Octopus, man most awesomest shop ever!!! They had so many cool things! Teapot handbags, duck umbrellas and and and.... T-shirts with an LCD scroll text bar on them!!!!!! I'm so getting Donna one! I wanted to get a photo of it, but they wouldn't let me in the shop :(

Well anyways I'm really glad I'm getting more comfortable here in London now. I think I'm gonna grow to really enjoy this place. Theres so much to see and do. Oh oh!! I forgot! When we were walking to Covent Gardens we came across... guess what... a KRUSPY KREAM STORE!!!! muhahahhahahhahahahhahhahahhahhahaha take that all you Kruspy Kream deprived Brisbane-ites! And yes yes it was totally delicious.

But yes, I'll post some photos I took yesterday up on my flicker soon. And I'll keep everyone up to date with whats happening.

Ta-ta for now!

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Friday, June 22nd, 2007
3:44 am - London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow so here I am at my London hotel at 3.45 am in the middle of the night and I can't seem to sleep due to jet lag. There's a 9 hours time difference between here and Australia so its a bit hard for me to reset my body clock.

I'm on my second day here at London, and everything is not too bad. Haven't really had any bad weather yet, although I think it is now raining outside. But their summer here is soooo weird, I landed on Wednesday morning and it was 14 degrees!! I think it got up to around 21 or something, but still their summer here is like our winter there.

Also the other weird thing was the sun here doesn't set until like 10pm at night!!! And I've been taking afternoon naps in the evening and I wake up at like 8 or 9pm and the sun is still bright as anything!! I keep thinking that I've slept through the night and that it was morning already.

But my trip over here was really really loooooooong. I started on Tuesday 19th at 11am where I left my house, hang around the airport a bit with my mum and rick and then flew out at 1pm to Hong Kong.

The flight to Hong Kong wasn't too bad. The food was always terrible, although I got a raspberry weist bar and a cherry ripe so thats not too bad. I watched 2 movies "Bridge to Tabithia" and "Ghost Rider". OMG "Ghost Rider" was ssoooooooo bad, I really don't know whats worst, "Bloodraine" or "Ghost Rider". The acting was horrible, the story line was soooo bad I really didn't think they could make a comic book movie any worst then they did for "Elektra", but "Ghost Rider" has proved me wrong.

"Bridge to Tabithia" wasn't too bad either, a few tear jerking moments. Good story, good way to pass the time on a flight.

I got to Hong Kong at around 9pm. My flight was delayed a bit on take off because some silly guy checked in all he's luggage but didn't board the flight. So they had to delay the flight and find he's luggage to take them off the plane.

Hong Kong airport is huge! I remembered it to be big, but not this big! We got off and got on that crazy operatorless carriage train to the baggage claims. I had to organise all my tranfer thingys and then sat down and enjoyed the free wireless internet that they had in the whole airport. Man, Australia is really behind the times with internet and connection. It was sooo cool and so easy to get on!

I had 3 hours of transit time at the airport so the plan was find a powerpoint, connect to the free internet and just chat or level while I was waiting. Awesome plan I thought. However! I had packed all my cords and charger and stuff into the laptop bag as I was brilliantly prepared, but I had forgotten to pack my Australian to UK power point adapter in my laptop bag instead of my luggage!!!! So in the end my plan was doomed. I was online for maybe about 1 hour or something, my laptop only had around 2 hours of power to it just on the batteries. So I was forced to walk around a bit.

But walking around was good. I walked pretty much from 1 end of the airport, gate 1, to around gate 70 something. That round trip took me actually around 3 hours. Just walking there and back. It was really really long!

The weird thing about HK airport is that its a completely smoke free zone. So what they have for the smokers who are waiting in transit, is these smoking rooms. Basically they are a fish bowl with a vending machine and a tv in there where all the smokers can go to cram inside to smoke. Pretty weird, I wished I got a picture of it now, maybe next time.

So I boarded my connecting flight from Hong Kong to London at around midnight and flew for 13 hours from there to London. I flew with this cheap airline company called Oasis. I would never ever ever recommend anyone from ever flying with them.

The flight was really really cheap, only AUD$300 from Hong Kong to London. But the flight was sooo uncomfortable. It was like flying virgin blue for 13 hours! Soooo bad. There were meals, 1 meal and 1 refreshment. But the meals were terrible and you know how they usually come with an array of food, like the main meal then a salad and a desert and maybe some biscuits. I got just the main meal! And it was really really bad. And if you wanted any other drinks or food other than any of the ones they served you had to buy them!

Also the plane was really old and we had turblence pretty much all the way through, so the plane was really really rocky and it felt like it was about to drop out of the sky. The inflight entertainment was really bad, my screen didn't even work properly, the picture was really fuzzy and i couldn't adjust the screen to face up at me so I couldn't really even see the picture. The headphones they gave out kinda gave me little electric shocks, so I gave up on them. Thank goodness for Becky and the travel pillow she gave me! It was a lifesaver! But yeah all in all, it maybe cheap, but don't fly oasis. Worst flight ever!

Well I got to London at Gatwick airport at around 7am on Wednesday London time. Angel's flight didn't get in till around 11am so I waited at the airport a bit for him. I met a nice woman from Libya, she was there waiting with her family to go to Scotland. She was waiting for another flight that doesn't leave till like 5pm :S

But yeah anyways I'm here now with Angel and I've my first day here so far has been really really great. London is really really confusing esp. if you've never been here before. But I'm glad I'm not doing this by myself, otherwise I would be freaking out sooo much.

I've got some job interviews this week and also some viewings to see some houses, so hopefully I can be settled by then.

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Saturday, July 29th, 2006
6:30 pm - Exhibition Success!
Well this is a bit of old news, but we (my household) held a little photography exhibition/party. There were 6 exhibitors all up Katy (my housemate), Wen (Yang's brother), Priya, Sheridah, James (Katy's ex housemate), and I. We all exhibited 10 photos each. And think everyone except James sold some photos. I sold a total of 5 photos woot! And we were selling them at $5 each at 8"x4" and $15 for a blown up A4 version.

These are some of the photos I've exhibited

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
12:06 am - Aiya!!!
I can't believe its July already!!!!! So crazy!!!

Yes yes and after much complaints about my lack of updates, its finally here. I'm actually waiting for my capped to finish and my off-peak to start so I can use the internet.

And Yes you might have noticed that there are changes to my journal, as you might see. Yeah I finally got off my ass and got around to it.

Righto then first things first -

Interview by Colin Fong:

1. So I hear you're getting a tattoo, what is it are you getting exactly? I keep on hearing different things, like a Tiger, or a big fuck off snake that wraps arounf your waist like how Catwoman uses her whip as a belt or something?

Ah, the tattoo. Well Sebanisan still has to get back to me with the sketch, but its gonna be a tiger with a cherry blossom tree next to it. Its gonna be on my back on the right shoulder and the branches of the cherry blossom are gonna extend to my arm and over my shoulder to the front. The snake idea gonna be my second tattoo, sounds cool, but as Dave (Hyde) said it will probably look all scaly. So I think for my second one I'm gonna get just a snake on my lower back instead.

2. Can you tell me when we are going to Klub Kandy, and explain to your readers what it is exactly?

Well as anyone else who would of read Colin's post would of got he's explaination of what exactaly Klub Kandy is I dont' think I'll bother to repeat it. I'm thinking about going to the next one, that is on the conditions that either Colin, Grace or someone other person I feel comfortable with is going, then I'll go along. Although I did see a poster earlier on in the night (We went to Market Square for dinner) about a Korean dance party thingy mijiggy on at Caesar's this Saturday. But I don't think I'll go to that plus I just found out that Caesar's charges guys $10 entry fee, but girls can get in for free, what kind of bullshit is that?!

3. What's life like now that you're a professional job type person. any hotties there?

Life as a professional is booooooorrring. But so much work. I'm there pretty much everyday from 8-6. Although we do get perks like free massage every Tuesday, it still kinda sucks. Espeically the fact that I get paid MONTHLY!!!! T_T So annoying. I still haven't been paid for this month, so I'm a little low on cash at the moment, I hope I get paid soon -.-".

As to the hotties, god no. We're a bunch of nerds what do you think?

4. Whats with the internet ring asians in brisbane? and how come they put the worst fucking asian ballads on their blog?

Who the hell knows eh? Why don't you tell me? Since you're an honorary member of the SAS (Sunnybank Asian Society).

5. What is your favourite website right now? i'm bored

Play my game bitch!!! You know you want to join my MMM-Porg.

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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
12:00 am
hmm I want to hack this layout it looks like shit, but i feel like a change. I'm too tired I'll do it tomorrow (ie. most likly when i get around to it)

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Sunday, May 21st, 2006
11:19 pm - A New Beginning
Wow Wow so much has happened since my last entry.

Yes I've moved. I'm now living with Kate and Steve at my new place in Kelvin Grove. Its so nice to live close to everything again. And its awesome being so close to everyone, now I can hang out with everyone again. ^^

And I got a job!!!!

I so can't believe that I of all ppl actually got a job with my degree. As of the 29th of this month I'll start working for WDG Alfesco. They are a really big design firm, apparently the biggest contractor of web design in South East Queensland. But yes, I'm sooo excited.

Man I'm so happy at the moment ^^. I'm just feeling my life is finally on the right track. For so long I've just not known what to do and have just stuck with doing what I've known to do for the last little while and hope that everything will work out. Well dang, that so didn't work for me.

Being out and about and hanging with Donna and Peta really helped. This week I've spent a lot of time with them, and I honestly feel like I'm back to my old self again. I'm happy and really actually doing what I want to do without caring whether or not my actions and behavior will please somebody else.

I don't care if I don't have a special someone in my life, I mean I don't want to be alone. But at the moment I'm so comfortable with myself that I don't feel the need to have a boyfriend. Sure it would be nice but I'm happy being myself and sorting out what I need to do with my life.

My house is awesome, Katy, Steve and I really click. Katy and I have our girly chats about skin care, hair and boys. And Steve and I have our geek talks. We go out shop and hang out with each other and it rocks!

But there is sadness in my life....

Sadly this is my last week at Comics Etc. :( I love that place to death. From the old man smell from the back issues to the stinky smells from Stinky man and the toilets, I'm gonna miss it.

It has been the funniest place I've ever worked at. And James, Dave, Col, Flooz, Daniel and Bryon are all awesome. They've all become good friends of mine and I wouldn't trade them for the world. But sadly, with my new full time job, it will mean that I'll have to leave that place and move on into the real world.

current mood: sleepy

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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
9:32 pm - Kill them all!!!!
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9:14 pm - I'm 23 today!!!
Yay I'm 23!!! Another year older...*sigh*

Well I must thank everyone who came to my b'day party. I had a fantastic time and I hope you all did too!

Here are some photos of the evening:

Donna, Peta and Liz

Ozzy and Takai (yes they are lovers, j/k)

Me and Cara

Me and Col

Jane, Cara, Me, Mandy

Liz and I

Jane (she really liked the cake)

Takai, Ozzy, Endra and Tan

Grace and Joe (aww so cute)

Shu and Dave W. (yes they also liked their cake)

Brock and I

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Friday, March 10th, 2006
11:26 pm
God dammit I got Yuna!!!

Which FF Character Are You?

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Sunday, March 5th, 2006
4:17 pm - I am god
check this game out its called "Spore"


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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
5:23 pm - Fuck you Optus
Irony of the day!

Just as I was writing my entry and bitching about Optus, I fucking get cut off from the internet. Hahhahhahahah! Great work Optus! Keep that up and see if I'll keep going with you.


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5:16 pm - This is going to be a loooooooong post
Ah where to start....

1. Offically single and loving it.

Yes yes its true. Hamish and I have offically broken up. No more are we together. I've moved back to my mum's now and you know what, apart from the bitch of a bus ride into the city, its actually not all that bad. Oh and also minus the Mandy factor. Yeah Mandy..... Its so strange cause I haven't really had a single life. I finished high school and I met Hamish, so its kinda strange doing things by myself again but its also good cause I don't always have to worry about having someone there that I'm dragging around all the time.

I'm having lots of fun going out and just hanging out again with my friends. I felt kinda bad since I've abandoned most of them since high school, but catching up with them is good.

2. Yes I'm offically a retail slut. (translation I now work for Starbucks)

Since I've broken up with Hamish I can't really live there anymore. I was going to move in with Kate and Steve but unfortunately we just picked the wrong time to look for a place. It was mid-January and every student in the world was looking for a place to live. Kate was pretty set on living around the Paddington area. Unfortunately in that area you really can't get anything half decent even for $350 a week. With only 10 hours a week at Comics Etc, I can really afford to anything like that.

So I went abouts looking for a second job. I would never give up my Comic book job, I love the place too much! I could go back to Bras N Things but I really wanted to try and work at other places to gain more skills, plus I didn't like they way you have to push sell so much there.

Luckily my friend Damien who worked at the Queens plaza Starbucks came in to Comics one day and said that they were hiring right now. So I went in there with my 7 page resume and applied for a job. That was Monday. On Thursday I got a call from Damien saying "Why didn't you come to your interview!!!!" I had no idea I even had an interview. No one called me!!!! I explained it to Damien and he said to come back in on Friday and meet up with his manager to sort it all out. So on Friday I met up with Damien and he said that I should just go and meet Stephanie the manager over at Myer Centre. So I went there. Unfortunately, they had also lost my resume!!!! So I had to fill in an application form. Steph had a look at it and she agreed to give me another chance to have an interview, even though she had already hired 3 ppl from the previous day. She wanted me to come back next Monday, but her area manager was coming in that afternoon at 12.30 to meet her, so she asked me if I could come back then for an interview. And I was sooo relieved.

Damien assured me that this was going to be a long interview, usually ppl have 3 interviews. So I hang around till 12.30 at the comics store wasting time talking to Col (I think I destracted him a little too much cause all the backissues that he was putting away was in the wrong order!!!! I'm still trying to fix them!!!)

I meet up with Robbie (the area manager) for the interview. I thought the interview went well, Robbie said they'll make a decision and they will get back to me most likely by the following Tuesday to tell me if I had the job. 2 hours later, as I walked through the door (damn buses take soo bloody long!) I got a call back from Stephanie that I got the job!!! Yay!!!

I'm sooo happy!!! It's my 2nd week there now and I'm really loving it! The ppl that work there are really great they are really fun and happy. Its a great work place. I've got the drink calling and the cup marking thing ok now. And I can do registers, cold drinks and mostly everything except for hot drinks, I have yet to learn that yet. But I've been getting really good feed back from everyone working there. And its really nice to be working in a really good and encouraging environment. And! Steph said that if I do choose to move to Melbourne next year they'll just give me a transfer over there, so atleast I'm guaranteed a job! Yay!

3. My Internet Struggles!

Fuck I hate Optus!


This is what happened:

First time I called them to connect: "Sorry it will take 10 days for us to connect you."

Fine I can wait 10 days without internet.....

Finally 10 days over I got the connection password in the mail (10.30am) and I've forgotten that I need an inline filter for the connection. So I drive over the Hamish's to pick it up, this took me 1hour and 20 mins.

(12pm)I hook everything up to connect to the internet. I look at the modem and then I look at the power cord I've got. I'VE GOT THE WRONG FUCKING POWER CORD! So I ring Hamish, yes he still has it. I have to fucking drive another 45mins to his house to pick it up and another 45 to come back. Fuck that! So I run around the house trying to find a power cable that would work with it. None does. So I go down the road to Tandy to see if they have one. Nope. Fuck! So I had no choice but to drive all the fucking way over there again.

(2.30pm) I have the inline filter, I have the correct power cord, everything is hooked up. I put the passwords in. Nothing happens, no internet. So I call Optus.

(Idiot customer service rep #1) Sorry I don't know why you can't connect to our service perhaps wait a little while till your computer adjusts to the settings and then try again.

So I wait another hour or so.

(4pm)(Idiot customer service rep #2) Maybe its a problem with your ethernet cable/phone cable/power cable/inline filter/modem/i don't really know anything. So fine, maybe it is my modem, it has had problems before. So back down to Tandy, minus $98 and I go home with a new modem. Connect everything up, still doesn't work.

(5.30pm)(Somewhat useful idiot customer service rep #3)Hmm, Have you try resetting ur modem or maybe changing the settings on your modem. (after 15 mins of telling him that this is a brand new modem) It does seem like there is a Time Out issue with your connection to our exchange. Its got nothing to do with your modem. We'll be able to send someone out there, at the earilest next Wednesday to see IF they can get that fixed. Will there be anyone at home at say around 1-5pm?

Me: No, no one will be home until after 3pm.

Idiot: Well, I could send someone out then but if theres no one there you would have to pay them to come back. So how about the Friday?

So I had to wait another week, fine thats ok.

But next Monday....

I get a call on my mobile, it was optus, telling me that they will be sending in a technican to look at my lines on Tuesday morning.!!! I had training at Starbucks that day, so I didnt get home till 6pm. Called them up and after explaining for 20 mins that as I said when I made the appointment for Friday that no one was going to be home during business hours until then they finally changed the appointment back to Friday.


I get a knock on my door, its the technican. The TELSTRA technican. He connected his laptop and everything worked fine, he even got onto google for me with this Telstra account. So the problem wasn't my lines, it was with Optus.

Back on the phone with optus. After explain to Idiot #4 that I was using 2 perfectly good working modems and both of them didn't work. All he could say to me was "maybe you should contact the manufacturer of your modems and see if there is a setting you should select". laldj;lfjadljfls

I was sooo angry. At this point I told him I wanted to cancel everything with optus, my internet account, my phone account and I would like a full refund and I don't think I should have to pay any cancelation fees and I wanted to speak with his supervisor. And just as he was about to connect me to his supervisor, all my phones when dead.

Everything, all my phones, fax, internet, everything when dead. I was fluming. I was running around the house swearing at the top of my lungs at optus and I couldn't call them to say it to their face. Then 10 mins later, everything came back online. And suddenly I had internet.


ah I can't be bothered to tell you more about my last couple of weeks, so much typing T_T

anyways here are some photos I took of Melbourne, I finally got them back off Hamish.

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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
7:37 am - Melbourne!
Ah, I've been here for two days and I'm already in love with the city. Everything about Melbourne is beautiful. The houses here are so cute. They are all kinda one level and are in a cute little square shape and almost all of them will have a little chimney sticking out of the top.

The centre of the city is fantastic. Instead of just having one street they have like 20. And its just like Hong Kong here. There are actually people still out pass 6pm. And its like ppl here actually appreciate good design and tastes. Imagine Queens Plaza, now imagine all the stores in the city designed with the same sorts of design sensibility. Its awesome!

And the chinatown isn't like 50kms away from the city. Its actually right in the middle of the city and its not like just 5 stores its like a full couple of blocks. It was just like Hong Kong, only in Australia.

I went to Minatour here, it was pretty big, but their comics are all over the place. They've also got heaps of dvds, books and cards stuff, so they are not really a comic book store rather than a nerd store. They've got really cheap trades too. I picked up "Crisis on Infinite Earths" for only $39.95, when the US was $29.99. So I'm not sure how they do it. They didn't have any back issues though, cos they were renovating and had to move most of them.

The plane ride was kinda hell. I had a screaming baby next to me on the flight. Man, I hate kids. By the end of the flight I was ready to take out my own ovaries.

Maybe I'm "home sick" for Hong Kong, but hot dang! I want to move to Melbourne! No, really.

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Monday, January 16th, 2006
9:51 am - hmmm, yeah updates
yeah never been good with these update-ity thingys

Well yeah most of you would of heard by now, me and Hamish have officially broken up (again).

At the moment I'm still living with Hamish, but only until I find a place of my own. (I can't live with my mother again, nooo ways!) We've discussed and talked about this. After going back I felt miserable and terrible, I know in my heart I don't feel the same way, and I won't not for a while atleast. I still love him, but only to the extent of a good friend and I don't feel it right for me or him, to stay on and just try to wing it. Also I need a break, I need to find myself again. I feel almost too dependent on another that I am unsure whether I am expressing myself through my thoughts or expressing myself through the influence of another, especially in my career in life. I feel I need time away from being with someone for now. Its not that I don't want to be in a relationship with Hamish, its just that I don't want to be in a relationship at all.

Hamish has been wonderful and extremely understanding of this, I guess it is still a little awkward at times living here still, but it will only be temporary.

I've finally found some housemates to move in with. I was very lucky that it so happens that one of my friends was also looking for an extra person to move in with. (The world seems to sort itself out). We're going househunting today, so that would be good. I hope I find a nice place.

On another note, I'm going to Melbourne this Friday! Its just for 5 days, but I'm very excited. I'm going by myself, however I'm staying with a friend there, so I won't be all alone and go crazy. This is the first time I've been on a holiday to a strange different place all by myself. Sure I've been to my dad's by myself, but thats my dads. I'm hoping to get lots of shopping done and see lots of crazy places and take lots of pictures. But I'm very much looking forward to it! (I can't believe its only Monday, it feels like Tuesday or Wednesday already, I wish it was).

current mood: sleepy

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Sunday, January 8th, 2006
8:31 pm - A new break up record!
Well yeah as you would all possibly heard by now from the grape vine (Thanks James!) yes me and Hamish has broken up.

First of all, I was amazed firstly and the speed gossip spreads in this town. So unimpressed when I went to Pauls party on Saturday night and everyone had already heard.....

There were a number of reactions:
around 65% said: "Wow, I'm really shocked! This is so sudden."
34% said: "Really? Have you thought about this? Well I'm here for you if you need it"
1% said: "Well thats understandable, I saw it coming"

So, why? Did you ask. Well, first of all it wasn't all that sudden. Hamish and I have been having arguments, we were both swamped with work for the last 3 months and have not had the proper time to spend together. To me, I felt neglected and unloved. Frustrated by the fact that when this was brought up many a times the result would be arguments that go no where. The issue boiled up and was never resolved, we withdrew from each other and immersed ourselves in our work and became complacent with our situation.

Until the last couple of weeks for the first time since 3-4 years I finally got some time off. Having time on my hands, I started really thinking about our relationship and where it is going and where I want it to go and what I wanted out of it. At that point I really felt like I had hit a dead end and that I had just become complacent with our relationship and that I have not realised I haven't felt the same way for him. Which resulted in another argument on new years day.

From my frustrations, I did some more thinking, and decided that it was time for the final solution.

If you know me, you know when I've decided on something, I need to do it. So on Friday night we talked and it all came to an end. It was odd. Hamish was very claim and very understanding, he knew that the relationship hasn't been the best of late and he also knew that my mind was made up and I had to do it. So on Saturday I pack my things and moved out back to my mum's house.

I kept myself busy on the weekend, so I wouldn't have the time to think about what happened. I didn't feel terrible, it just didn't feel right. I did miss Hamish, perhaps just for the company, perhaps for him. I didn't really know. I was very confused. Sunday afternoon, Hamish calls me and asks if we could talk. So I went back to his house and we talked.

We've decided to give it another try. We both felt that it was a shame to throw away 5 years of our lives. We've agreed on changes and we've also agreed to create more time for each other. By me leaving and giving us some space, its made us realise what really wasn't working in our relationship and what we really needed to fix and work on. We've also agreed that it was time to move on with our relationship and change our living arrangements. No we are not having babies. And no we are not getting married. We've decided we really need a place for ourselves and our current living arrangements was really adding to our problems rather than contribute by saving us money.

So yeah we've beaten the old record break up record of 4 hours to a new record of 2 days. w00t!

But I have learnt many valuable things from the last few days and they are:
* I'm the most efficient packer and mover ever! - I packed and moved all my stuff in the space of 30 mins!
* I can never EVER live at my mums house EVER AGAIN - Moving back made me realised why I moved out in the first place
* I am addicted to the internet - Mum only had dial up, and on a shitty computer running windows 98, holy crap it sucked! 2 hours of being there and I had withdrawal symptoms
* My sister still sucks - No help what so ever moving, then complains to me that I stole her doona because I was cold in the middle of the night. "You think you can just come back whenever and take everything!" She wasn't even using it, it was in the spare room!
* Sinnamon Park is in the middle of nowhere - Just from yesterday going to the fro from my mum's cost me around $20 in fuel! I had to fill up this morning at $1.10!!!
* People on the west side are so friendly and are not as crazy - I was trying to get a park at Mt Ommaney Shops, the people there were so nice, they were just going to their cars and they were directing me to a park they saw. And this was just one set of people this was like 3! (Or maybe I just looked really stupid and blind)
* My friends rock! - Thank you everyone for being so good to my the last 2 days. Everyone was so positive about it all and kept me entertained and not too depressed. I'm glad I have friends that I can count on.

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